Vuteq Group
Since its founding, Vuteq Corporation has been providing services and manufacturing with heart, based on the slogan: “Developing the future with passion and sincerity”. By utilizing our logistics based business platform, we continued to respond to our customers’ demands and have now expanded our business into a wide range of fields. Since entering the North American market in 1987, we have also broadened our business arena to the rest of the world under the “VUTEQ” name.
While adapting to the rapid changes of the times, we wish to continually seek happiness for our customers and employees by sticking to our “People First” policy, and “Hands-on” approach. We also wish to continue to take on the challenges of new tasks, as long as our capability allows us. With this philosophy instilled deeply into both our domestic and overseas companies, VUTEQ is moving forward in order to link people, businesses and society together.
Vuteq Thai
In order to maximize the customer satisfaction, we will continue to manufacture the competitive products by exploring the standard which be accepted in the international market, the value added (cost, quality) and the excellent technology. We will focus on improving human resource development and establish strong organization continuously.